Artist and Dancer

I have trained in formal art and dance. With time, the two forms have merged.

I dance the drawing. Arm stretching, leg swinging, foot pulling pigment. My body makes its marks.

Burned sticks, charcoal, smoke, dirt, berries and other natural pigments create the colors on my palette. The marks I make have a history of their materiality, a physicality and inherent under-story.

I hold an MFA from Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and did my undergraduate studies at Smith College and Portland School of Art, Maine.

Artist at Work

Studio – Penobscot, Maine

Torpedo Gallery – Washington, DC

Danced Drawings

These large pieces were created using the whole body in motion over paper with charcoal – an exploration of dance, mark, embodiment and movement.

Smoke Drawings

These small pieces were created using candle flame, wax and natural pigments. I was interested in how the ephemeral leaves it’s mark on the world.

Natural Pigments

These intimate pieces use natural materials, including: dirt from places I’ve travelled in the world, berries, pollen, wine, algae, beet juice, blood, tea, ink, mud, charcoal, smoke, watercolor and acrylic.


I was inspired to create this collection of 6″ x 6″ acrylic paintings while learning to fly a small Cessna plane. I fell in love with the clouds and landscape from above – a truly mysterious and wondrous perspective.

Early Work

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